Are you relocating from Cambridge and looking to sell your home?

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Cambridge draws many professionals from all over the globe to work here at world leading institutions, universities and companies subsequently making it a transient city where we see lots of residential movement. 

Selling a home is not always a fast or seemless process, it can become complicated, hurdles do get in the way and any delays may not easily fit in with your relocation schedule.

Therefore if you’re relocating further afield, or overseas, you may not be able to be as hands on as you would like nor be able to return to Cambridge easily. 

We are available if you need to arrange general maintenance and cleaning or home staging services to prepare your house for sale, allow surveyors and buyers access and assist in many unforeseen ways. 

  • Arrange a cleaning service
  • Arrange a home staging service
  • Provide access to building surveyors, plumbers, engineers
  • Allow prospective buyers access for second viewings and / or measurements
  • Removal companies

When an estate agent fits in with your circumstances then your circumstances don’t have to fit in with an estate agent’s, helping you find the process of selling a home much easier.