What is a probate property?

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A probate property is a term used to describe a property whereby, sadly, the legal owners have passed away. An Executor of the estate will therefore be handling the sale of this property. 

Are you an Executor looking to sell a probate property here in Cambridge?

The death of a family member can be unexpected. If you are the Executor of an estate then you’ll know that managing a loved one’s affairs can be complicated and time-consuming. You may not live close to the property that you need to sell, nor have as much time as you would want to set aside to handle everything.

Prior to selling a probate property, many people may want to:

  • Tidy the gardens
  • Clean or de-clutter
  • Decorate
  • Have the boiler serviced
  • Read the meter prior to completion
  • Check the heating at different periods of the year (damp and cost purposes)

Whilst none of these are a legal requirement for selling a home, you may wish to go ahead with some of these tasks, but when you don’t live at the property these tasks suddenly seem overwhelming.

By using a local, flexible and independent estate agent, like ourselves, we can help source and provide access to a probate property at times when you may not be able to.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you make a difficult and complicated time less stressful, please get in touch on 01223 855890 or email us at [email protected]